George III (1760 - 1820 AD)
     22ct Gold Re-Strike 1820
2 Gold Coin




This is a stunning 22ct Gold plain edge Pattern George III 1820 Re-Strike 2 Gold Coin.

The original mintage for this coin in 1820 was just 15 coins, the inscribed edge coin had a mintage of 60. An original coin in mint condition would be likely to cost a collector in excess of 20,000.00

The coin is made from 22ct Gold and has been faithfully reproduced to the original specifications. The coin weighs 15.98 grams, is 28.4 millimeters in diameter and is made from 22ct gold. The coin has a millesimal fineness of 0.916.6 and contains 14.78 grams ( 0.47 troy ounces ) of gold .

The coin comes in a clear plastic case and in a presentation box along with a numbered certificate of authenticity.


This type of two pound gold coin was introduced in 1820 and is often called a double-sovereign. The design reflects that of the gold sovereign with the head of the monarch on the front and Benedetto Pistrucci's magnificent design of Saint George slaying the dragon on the reverse.

The original George III 1820 2 double-sovereign was not issued for circulation being only made as a proof pattern coin.

This coin would make a nice addition to any collection.




Please note that the coin is all gold and the scan makes the background look black.

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