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On this page I've listed the questions I've been asked about The Private Gold-Mine Organization:


Q    Is The Private Gold-Mine Legal?

A    Yes. Most certainly. There is no way I would be involved if I thought otherwise. I think it probably started in the USA given the reference to checking it out with a US official in the Invitation. My husband has checked the law in the UK and it is totally within the rules. Not only is The Private Gold-Mine a lawful thing to be involved in but it is ethical too. It helps lots of people. You will see some of the good it does besides making you rich as you get involved.

 Q    What about Tax?

A    I'm afraid we all have to pay tax according the the laws of the country in which we live. In the UK this means as a self-employed person. I don't know the rules in other countries but presumably The Private Gold-Mine is taxed like any other business.

 Q    Is there a high commission charge to pay foreign currencies into my bank account?

A    No. There is a small commission payable at banks and "Bureau de change" to covert to your local currency. 1 or 2% in most countries I understand.

 Q    Can there be a legal problem dealing with all this cash?

A    When Dealing in large amounts of cash the authorities in some countries get concerned that you are a drug dealer or something. All you have to do to demonstrate and prove your innocence is keep the order slips to show where the money has come from. I showed them to the bank in the beginning just to be on the safe side.

 Q    How soon do I start earning?

A    It depends on how long the post takes. A couple or three weeks maybe.

 Q    Do I need lots of specialist equipment?

A    A computer linked to the internet makes things quicker. That is all. Well, actually, you could just use of one in a Cyber-cafe. You don't need a fast line or any special programs. Many people operate The Private Gold-Mine without access to a computer at all - they just use the post.

 Q    Do I need any special abilities such as advanced computer skills?

A    Same as above - if you can get to my site and print it out you can stake your claim to your own part of The Private Gold-Mine.

Q    Can I run The Private Gold-Mine with a friend?

A    Yes. My husband helps me but it could just as well be your friend or whatever. The only real work is opening all the envelopes with the cash and order forms in them. I'm being serious here - it takes several hours every day. I suppose you could do the opening at night after work or get in help.